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Jerusalem: AD 28—Mutual attraction seems to blossom between seventeen-year-old Hannah and Gideon, and she falls in love with him. 

But things aren’t always as they appear. Their relationship abruptly ends after he becomes a despised publican. 

He demands inflated Roman taxes from her parents’ bakery business to enrich himself. If her father doesn’t pay in time, Gideon will confiscate their only means of income.

Hannah has a mere three weeks to help save her family from financial ruin. But can anything overturn the soon-coming catastrophe?




Sparks fly between Sabina and Jason when they first meet…

Then she learns Caligula promoted him from being a soldier to a Praetorian guard. But in that position, the emperor will probably order Jason to murdser innocent citizens, which he will refuse to do, even though his choice to disobey carries a death sentence.

Dare Sabina give her heart to a man the sadistic ruler might execute at any moment? In a fit of insane fury, he could also kill Jason’s family and friends, putting her and her father at risk as well.






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